A multidisciplinary engineering firm offering exquisite urban and landscaping Design service, Landscape BIM service, Landscape project management service, and Business development service.
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Who we are

In AV Group we believe that architecture is the focal point that brings together art, science, technology, and functionality… where landscape architecture being as relevant as ever to our lives.

Where we are

AV Group (Arabian Vision) Launched in 2020, with its first premises located in Alexandria, Egypt, AV has manifested remarkable resilience during COVID-19 pandemic. Embracing adaptability and agility has granted us the opportunity to provide virtual services and offshoring duties to our business partners and clients; hence enabling us to landmark our name in such a challenging and competitive market. In 2022. Our record-breaking pace was further reflected in opening a new branch in Cairo, Sheikh Zayed City and concluded such a year with a third branch in New Cairo.

Where we serve

Our projects extend beyond the geographical location of our premises to include other countries; across the MENA region, where we were able to deliver several mega projects with substantial standards. AV Group diverse portfolio of projects includes large leisure and touristic resorts, residential and commercial developments, historical districts, parks, and outdoor green open spaces.
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