Roof Paddle tennis Courts

09 – Arabian Vision

AV was awarded to the very challenging new trend design project By designing a 9,000 sqm rooftop to facilitate 10 Paddle tennis courts for royal families in Riyadh. Overall, the lines of the design were inspired by the existing architecture and landscape of the surrounding context, creating a bold and modern look that embraces the […]

Jogging and Bike track

03 3 – Arabian Vision

AV was assigned to design the 3D of a sports track for the community. The track length was 5 Kilometers The track has several shaded rest areas, bike racks and gathering nodes.

Hotel Outdoor Facilities Design

03 2 – Arabian Vision

AV was sub-tasked to take the full outdoor space design for a high-end Five Stars Hotel. From the vehicle Drop-off to the parking area (from concept to construction packages) Not limited to the Guest’s outdoor experience at the Hotel entrance, but designing a modern-style swimming pool for adults and kids along with an F&B semi-outdoor […]

Presidential Pool

03 1 – Arabian Vision

AV was assigned to Design a presidential Swimming pool project with a 1,500 sqm. The project concept lines are formal to suit the target visitor’s formality. AV selected the Balinese architectural style, using node color styles and tensile sustainable fabrics, to achieve the highest elegancy and fanciness.

Family Park

02 1 – Arabian Vision

AV was awarded to redesign an old Family park in Saudi Arabia with 15,500 sqm. The Conceptual philosophy of using of curves in the park’s design helps to soften the rigid lines and edges commonly found in urban landscapes, creating a more organic and natural feel. The park’s design was inspired by the Furjat pattern […]


wave transparent background illustration free png 1 – Arabian Vision

AV was assigned to design an entertainment outdoor mall by the seaside in a city that has a diverse population with a mix of traditional Saudi Arabian culture and Western expatriates, making it a cultural and social Hub for the neighborhood.

Communal space

31 – Arabian Vision

AV was assigned to design a communal outdoor park with 6,000 sqm. The client’s aim was to make a land of Festivals that can offer an unforgettable experience to the users. AV Scope Concept Design Detailed Design


The Lines – Arabian Vision

AV chose the word “LINES” as the key design Concept The lines in this description reflect the movement and energy of people as they move from a modern area towards a more traditional area. The lines begin as choppy waves, suggesting a fast-paced and condensed environment in the modern area. As the people get closer, […]

JED- Old Mart

Banajah Landscape Review 02 – Arabian Vision

AV was tasked with restoring and redesigning 2,400 square meters of an old commercial district in Saudi Arabia, By approaching the heritage of old Hijazi architectural style look and feel that match the project context. The plan was combining the site’s history with modernity, reflecting the new design approach of the local markets that would […]