Commercial & Retail

AV was assigned to design an entertainment outdoor mall by the seaside in a city that has a diverse population with a mix of traditional Saudi Arabian culture and Western expatriates, making it a cultural and social Hub for the neighborhood.

AV chose the word “LINES” as the key design Concept
The lines in this description reflect the movement and energy of people as they move from a modern area towards a more traditional area.

The lines begin as choppy waves, suggesting a fast-paced and condensed environment in the modern area. As the people get closer, the lines become
more orderly and calm, representing a sense of reverence and respect for the traditional space.

AV was tasked with restoring and redesigning
2,400 square meters of an old commercial district in Saudi Arabia,
By approaching the heritage of old Hijazi
architectural style look and feel that match the project context.
The plan was combining the site’s history with modernity,
reflecting the new design approach of the local
markets that would welcome passers from
around the world.